Who am I? (download resume)

I am a 23 years old passionate Master Student in Robotics, Systems and Control at ETH Zurich.

I like playing with mathematics and learning new concepts. The thing I love the most is to compress what I learn and to organize it in new ways: moving around on a piece of reasoning inside my head is easily the best thing for me. It makes my day. I am focusing on Intelligent Systems because I like the rigorous probabilistic approach and I find artificial intelligence extremely fascinating and useful.


EEC Syndrome International Onlus
Since 2013, I am web developer for the EEC Syndrome International Onlus. The association supports projects like RAREDUCANDO, which envisages the awareness of children about rare diseases. I first got into doing this thanks to my friend Sibela, which has a rare disease. This has been for me a life changing experience! Please check out the website and make sure to donate!

Machine Learning
Machine learning is the subject which really combines all my interests : on the one hand it is really theoretical and gives me a lot to think about (it is basically modern statistics). On the other hand it is really capable of doing incredible things and can be applied basically everywhere : the only limit is our imagination. In particular, it can be applied in biology and is giving the scientists new and amazing techniques to fight diseases like cancer. Here are some of my projects:

  • Here you can find my project report about "Segmentation of neuron bundles from Diffusion MRI", for the course of "Statistical Learning Theory" at ETH Zurich
  • Here is my project (and slides) in Image segmentation, for the course "Theory, Programming and Simulation of Neural Networks" at ETH Zurich. Here I developed a simple histogram clustering algorithm as a block of 2 k-Means clustering blocks. It worked pretty good! Also here you can find another algorithm for supervised learning in Image segmentation using Histograms. I called it "Supervised Histogram Flooding".
  • Here is my project about Feature Matching for the Computer Vision course at ETH.
  • Here is my project about Camera Calibration for the Computer Vision course at ETH.

Quantum Control (BACHELOR'S THESIS)
I did my bachelor’s degree in the University of Padua (Information Technology Tngineering). My thesis was about the foundations of Quantum Physics, seen as a generalized theory of probability for applications in Quantum Information, Computation and Control. Quantum mechanics is really an interesting topic, however most of the times one has to be a physicist to understand it at a technical level. My introduction is perfect for an engineer!
Click here to download it (thesis is in english, but Slides are in italian).

For more things I did in Control Theory, check later on this page.

General/Fun Programming
Programming is a lot of fun, here you can find some of my projects.

Test my matrix calculator here! Here's the code, if you want to check out how it works!
I am planning to expland this solver implementing eigenvalues calculation using the QR method.

The # of rows and columns must be lower than 9
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Select the dimension on the matrix : x

System Identification & Control
Control Thoery is my favorite area of Electrical Engineering, in particular I like the subareas of estimation and identification. Recently, Control Theory and Machine Learning comminities have been sharing a lot of ideas : I am sure this is going to matter a lot for future applications in robotics, now that computation power of robots is increasing.
This semester I had the opportunity to follow a beautiful course in System Identification, here are a couple of MATLAB files:

  • Here is an exercise on closed loop identification in frequency domain. This file basically contains a summary of all basic closed loop identification methods.
  • Here is an exercise on time domain parameter identification in an ARX model.

The thing I love to do the most? spiral around definitions. Definitions are the most important thing for me (yes I love Formal Systems) : when it comes to engineering, sometimes definition are a little bit unclear! Want an example? Check out this.
However, some concepts in maths can be pretty breathtaking! Here are some pdfs I wrote about my favorite topics in mathematics.

Websites I made for Velunteering